Vessel Safety, Security and           Protection System

Series V-SSP


1. Introduction
The vessel safety, securtiy and protection software will consist of a small control center located on the bridge. To the video management software several cameras like long range thermal imqaging cameras, standard day/ night cameras, radar and laser guided systems will connected. With our comprehensive movement detection and movement analysis we crew is able to monitor a range of up to 25sm around the vessel. Additionals UAVs (Unmaned Air Vehicle) equipped with day & night casmeras can expand the monitoring area dramtically. Thus the reaction time of the crew will be approx. 30min.,  which gives enough tiem to take different measures.

If the customer has a additional land based control center is might be possible to switch the control of the vessel to this CC. This allows the operators to control the vessel and it could be guiede into a save aera. The crew can leave the vessel by special rescue boats.

2. Short Description
The safety, security and protection system are is used for vessels. The V-SSP-System consists of 4 major elements:
- on board control center
- surveillance camera thermal imaging, day & night
- radar & laser guided systems

- remote control, communication equipment

3. Area-of-Usage

- Oil & Gas Tanker

- Cargo Vessel

- Cruising Ships

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Series V-SSP





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