Miltary & Police Equipment
Series MP-E


1. Description

The pipeline safety, security and protection software will be mainly used to monitor and obverse the pipeline in order to avoid assaults, theft and terrorism. All 300-600m along the pipeline or border a substationcubicle with 2-4 cameras (daylight and/or infrared) will be erected. Each cubicle is connected via radio to the next adjacent and at the end to a control center. The cubicle’s energy demand will be supplied by solar cells. Thus the subsatations are fully independeend form the location placed. The cameras observe a preset aera. If a motion will be detected, it will be immediately reported to the control center and invoke an alarm. The supervision staff checks the event, switching to the relevant camera, and decide further actions such as alarm for the protection guards.

2. Product Specification

- Dreheisenmesswerk
- mit nicht linearer Skala
- mit Genauigkeit 1.5 von 10-90% der Skala
als Option:
- 2,5 und 6-fache Überlast
- versetzte Nullanzeige
- andere Zeiger
- farbigen Markierungen
- Beleuchtung
- farbige Zonen und viele andere mehr

3. Einsatzgebiete

- Notstromaggregatebau
- Niederspannungsschaltanlagenbau
- Mittelspannungsschaltanlagenbau
- Hochspannungsschaltanlagenbau
- Steuerschränke für SPS
- Fernwirkanlagen
- Batterieanlagen usw.

4. Technical Data

Input Current: 1A-100A direct, CT ... /1A oder ... /5A
Accuracy: Class 1,5
Burden: 2 VA
Voltage Insulation: 2kV/1 min. at 50Hz
Terminals: for wire till 2,5mm2
Overload: 10 IN for ls
Maintenance: none
Enviroment Temperature: -20° C till +50' C° 85 % rel. humidity
Installtion: as desired
Common Regulations: EN 50 178
Radio Disturbation: EN 55 022/B
EMC according: EN 61 000 and EN V 50 140
CE proof: yes
Case regulation DIN EN 43700/43718
Case material: self extinguishing plastic accor. UL 94
Protection degree: IP52
Size: depending on type
Weight: ca. 0,4 kg




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