Manned Security Services


All GSS Personnel has been selected among the best special forces , international police forces, the top first aiders, paramedics and fire fighters.

1. Security personnel: security guards and body guards

GSS offers complete security personnel specialized in protection solutions for your residential, commercial and industrial property management companies. GCC is specialised in securing infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure, such as airports, highways, rail transport, hospitals, stadiums, bridges and seaport.

Accidental or deliberate damage of a country's infrastructure can have a serious impact on its economy and image, as well as in the provision of the essential services to the communities it serves. GSS is able to provide security guards to protect your asset.

2. Security trainings.

GSS is able to provide Security & Infrastructure Safety courses for all your personnel and provide a fully trained security team. GSS, with its vast experience, is able to manage and instruct personnel in the event of  threats, suspicious findings and explosions aimed at specific assets such as trains or stations. We can put a plan of action in place for if an accident involving the infrastructure occurs, including specific measures for the protection of the population, the environment and your strategic asset.
Our Trainings focus on: security, first aid - safety, discipline, integrity, dignity, ethics, etiquette & protocol, how to resolve conflicts, benefit of conflict resolution, armed & unarmed combat.

3.Security Equipment.

GSS has nurtured excellent relationship with strategic partners in the managed infrastructure solutions industry. Working together, we can provide comprehensive beginning-to-end Security Solutions and Equipment for Security Personnel, Communications, Fire Engineering and Health & Safety, including installation and maintenance, as well as full training and development of your staff.

Some of GSS Security & Safety Equipment:
- bespoke equipped surveillance vehicle 
- counter surveillance vehicles
- armoured vehicles
- ambulances, heli-ambulances and first aid equipment
- portable security systems
- mobile intensive care units (MICUs)
- ultimate bullet-proof vests

We aim to facilitate any request or requirement so should you require anything not listed above please contact us.

4. Armed & Unarmed combat trainings

GSS provide the most practical approaches to modern armed and unarmed combat at the same time adhering to traditional values. Through regular training it offers physical fitness, mental awareness, discipline, respect and self-confidence. Those training will work in pairs and progress through various attack and defence situations.


The GSS approach emphasises bringing together highly trained experts from around the world to facilitate any security & safety requirement under one point of contact to ensure our clients have the most experienced team working to deliver their ultimate end vision on time, efficiently and effectively.

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