Airport & Harbor Security System
Series A-SS


1. Introduction
The airport & harbor  security system will be mainly used to monitor and obverse public access as well in and out gooing traffic in order to improve public security and avoid assaults, unlegal entry, smuggle and terrorism actions. At strategic good points cameras (daylight and/or infrared) will be installed. Each cubicle is connected via radio to the next adjacent and at the end to a control center. The cameras observe a preset aera and analyses hte situation. If theere is an unexpected event detedted. The supervision staff checks the event, switching to the relevant camera. A workflow determs and controls the necessary measure taken by the operators..
2. Short Description
The facility & infrastructure security system are mainly used for large compound, villas and roads and railways. The F-SS-System consists of 4 major elements:
- control center hardware
- control center software
- communitcation between the substations and 
  control center

- substation equipment

Control Center Hardware

The control center hardware is separated into two major components.
- telecontrol interface which connects the
  communication lines from the substations to the
  computer system

- computer system is a host-client structure with a
  main area which is the presentation of the
  surveillances cameras

Control Center Software

The main part of the software is the P-SSP software which monitors the pictures of the surveillance cameras of the substations and the presentation of the alarms enabling further steps to protect the pipeline. Additional information of the pump station data and control are additional features. Additional software like state estimator, etc. can be offered.


The communication is another important and difficult part of the system because the substations are far from public areas. Thus different communication systems must be inplemented such as 
-  radio
-  fiber optics

-  satellite

Substation Equipment

The substation equipment consists of
-  day light camera

-  infra red camera
-  independend power supply
-  communication equipment
-  ground radar systems
-  digital & analog I/Os

3. Area-of-Usage

-  Airports
-  Harbors

Access control systems


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